As of Tuesday, I will be completely debt free. I've been slowly picking away at my student loan debt, but I was hoping that I'd use the good credit buildup for purchasing a house. But Jeff owns the house where we live, & I think I'm here to stay. So, I paid off my debt & am now a saving machine!!



Off & Running!!

Jeff & I went running again yesterday. He's much faster than I am, which is hil-a-rious when you think about how frequently I ran over the last few years & how he didn't. Well - at least we've made the pact: I'll get him to run more frequently, & he'll get me to run faster.

Today, we have plans to run again together. In order to run together, I have to jet to work early-early-early so I can be back home with time for a run. So, I'm getting up at 6:45 to ensure I get my run with Jeff in the afternoon.


In other news, we packed my entire apartment this weekend & moved most things to Jeff's house. Very few items from my apartment are left for the movers.

I'm almost all moved in!! Welcome to suburbia!!! Outside the beltway! Where's my paperbag for breathing into??