Work & other such things.

If you're wondering why the sudden surge of postings, I'll tell you - "Things" have finally calmed down. I've been working nonstop for the last few months on a project that "needs" me. While I like feeling needed, it would be nice to be slightly less needed.

Beyond that, I have a 1.5 hour commute (each way) to my client site. Initially, I loved it, & I was finishing a book every 3 days. Then, my neck started hurting from craning to read while on the bump-bump-bumpy ride with the stop&go mass transit. Now, I've changed to tolerating it, & I'm finishing the news, crossword puzzle (what's a 4-letter word used while running?), & sudoku. All on the same day! The next thing? Plan out the front garden/read gardening books. & then back to reading.

Speaking of reading, I've been exercising my library card lately. Today, I picked up 2 gardening books (one mid-atlantic region) & a strength training book. I figured that the book will be due when it's time to change the strength training program.

In a few weeks, I get to see my sister & then go to trapeze class with my friends Kerri & Casey. How exciting!!

Oh! & yesterday, I ran for 25 minutes. Because... it's time to start the habit.

Tonight, I am going swimming with my friend Stacey. I've printed out a workout for her (endurance/peak) & one for me (endurance/beginning). It should be fun!


Ed said...

I've blown through sooo many sudoku books...

I know it's while commuting, and I can imagine wifi being sketchy at best. That being said, this may not help, but it's a handy link to have:


Keri said...

Cooool. I meant to tell you before: Thanks! I can still download them & print. Sometimes, I can't nab a WaPo Express in the morning - & they are all gone by afternoon.