Officially withdrawn.

I officially withdrew from the Patriots Half Ironman today. While I realized that I wasn't going to be able to race, I had forgotten that I could withdraw & receive a refund.

I hadn't been able to find time for training. Pushing myself to compete in the Half wasn't required. I'm tired of pushing-pushing-pushing for races, races, races. Partly because of the team environment that dominated my free time, I was enticed to enter into too many races & to practice more than I wanted. I had forgotten that I actually *like* to run, bike, & swim.

I went for a jog last Friday. The trails around Jeff's house are very peaceful. I've seen deer & other animals on the trails. (A fawn was born just beyond the neighbor's lawn in the copse!) My runs were good, overall. I just wished that I had more stamina. (& speed - but first things first)

I cleaned my bike & regreased my chain yesterday. So, there will be biking in my future. :) I'm still swimming with Stacey when I get the chance. It's a lot of fun.

I've also been spending time in the front flowerbeds. They WERE more like weedbeds, but now they're just large patches of dirt. My hamstrings were KILLING me after doing all of that manual labor.

So, that's what I've been up to lately.


Bryan said...

Yay gardening!! You must post pics sometime of Jeff and your fine work in the gardens.

Ed said...

I've never entered a bike race for the exact reasons you just listed: I enjoy riding, not training.

Funny you mention your hamstrings; I can ride a 100 miles and hardly feel a thing, but an hour bent over pulling weeds and my hamstrings are done the next day. I usually end up sitting or squating.

splitterpart said...

Yay for fun exercising! Will you bring your bike to CT?

Keri said...

I'll definitely put up pictures of the garden as it progresses.


I enjoy working out, but I think the races became too much for me. When I quit the team last year, I knew it was for good. I was just too burnt out.