Dangerous questions.

I'm going to visit some family in Connecticut in a few weeks, & I got this email from my sister:

"Are you bringing your bike?"


Conversation ensues about how she would bring hers if I would bring mine. & this... THIS!! is how I got into all that trouble last year with racing.

"Are you racing _____?"
"I'm not sure. Are you?"
"I will if you will."
"Okay. I registered."

At least all of my bike gear (minus the bike) lives in the trunk of my car.


splitterpart said...

tee hee hee

splitterpart said...

nevermind. it's too late for us to arrange for the bike shipment. procrastination!

Keri said...

Well, that's a relief. I don't trust the drivers on those windy roads with no shoulders.

splitterpart said...

hm? you're worried about your bike in a car crash?

Keri said...

I'm more worried about someone hitting me more than my bike. Have you seen the way some of those people drive? Whiplash! Whiplash!!