We are sooo close.

Update: I only had "a" flu this time, & I've officially kicked it.

I could run tonight. (TONIGHT!!!!) I'm staying at Jeff's, & I've surreptitiously brought over my running gear in anticipation of unleashing my slow running capability onto the town of Herndon. I could run tonight... (TONIGHT!!!!) If only I hadn't scheduled a delivery of 150 iced sugar cookies & a groom's cake for this Saturday. I'm behind, & I'd like to be away from the kitchen on Wednesday to treat the boyfriend to a movie night.

Damn. The things me & my fat ass do when we don't triathlon...

I haven't gone for a swim in a month even though my swimming gear (i.e. suit, goggles, & cap) is brazenly hanging in Jeff's bathroom. The bike sits forlornly at my place & has a 1/4 inch of dust on it. I may need to fix all of these things soon.

Jeff says that the WOD is right near his place, & I could take it "all the way out to Leesburg", which isn't that far on a bike (about 12 miles). However, I could snag a 50 mile ride if I biked from his place to the end of the W&OD. Upon learning this & reading Athena Diaries, I realized that I do miss riding. As I can't bring my bike over to Jeff's & then say, "Gee! How'd that get here?!" I got permission to bring my bike to his place (not that I need to ask but it's always nice to ask).

Now, all I have to do is start e.x.e.r.c.i.s.i.n.g. And also not wear my cleats in the house.