Back update.

Just to let you know (for those of you who don't). I've broken three bones in my back. Three of my transverse processes (tongue depressor shaped bones attached to my vertabrae) are broken. The doctor says they are very minor fractures, & that I should not be extremely worried about them.

The doctor advised that I return to my normal level of activity. To which I replied, "So, I can run?" His response, "Urrr... no. Well, maybe you could try on a treadmill very slowly & only for a few minutes. Discomfort is allowed - Pain is not." So, I decided to try swimming with my friend Stacey first.

Swimming with Stacey was a lot of fun. I had mild discomfort & slight pain when I breathed on my right side with my freestyle stroke. Trust me when I say - I took it very easy still. Even my kicking was fairly slow. I drifted to my right on plenty of occasions. I managed to do breast stroke for a while without issues, which made me happy.

This slip down the stairs has forced me into reassessing my goals for the year. I had planned on completing the half Ironman in September, but I may not be able to cycle until June/July.

We shall see.

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