Back update.

Just to let you know (for those of you who don't). I've broken three bones in my back. Three of my transverse processes (tongue depressor shaped bones attached to my vertabrae) are broken. The doctor says they are very minor fractures, & that I should not be extremely worried about them.

The doctor advised that I return to my normal level of activity. To which I replied, "So, I can run?" His response, "Urrr... no. Well, maybe you could try on a treadmill very slowly & only for a few minutes. Discomfort is allowed - Pain is not." So, I decided to try swimming with my friend Stacey first.

Swimming with Stacey was a lot of fun. I had mild discomfort & slight pain when I breathed on my right side with my freestyle stroke. Trust me when I say - I took it very easy still. Even my kicking was fairly slow. I drifted to my right on plenty of occasions. I managed to do breast stroke for a while without issues, which made me happy.

This slip down the stairs has forced me into reassessing my goals for the year. I had planned on completing the half Ironman in September, but I may not be able to cycle until June/July.

We shall see.


Tomorrow starts training...

.... except I fell down some stairs yesterday.... while carrying a stack of 8 plates & 8 forks, a glass of wine, & my phone. The only thing that survived that fall-bump-bump was the glass of wine.

I had to take the day off from work. I needed assistance to complete my abbreviated bedtime ritual. Sometimes, it hurts to walk. Running tomorrow is completely out of the question. I am having the worst luck. But at least I have a good boyfriend who will sit & care for me while he was supposed to be entertaining guests.

Silver linings!


M.C. Bakes-a-Lot.

I have news. First, I wrote out my triathlon schedule for the Half Ironman in September. I haven't heard back from the doctor yet, but I feel very healthy. So, we'll see.

Second, remember my first paid baking gig (i.e. the baby shower onesie)? Well, I have 2 more paid baking gigs approaching.

The earliest one happens in a few weeks. I will be making gluten-free dairy-free cupcakes for a friend's engagement party. Flavors haven't been decided upon yet. The couple is going to let me know what they want.

The next paid baking gig is A) larger & B) more stressful. I'll be making a groom's cake for a friend's wedding. I'll also be making the wedding favors.

The groom's cake is going to be a lot of fun. My 30th birthday is approaching, & I had planned an evening or two of cake decorating as a present to myself. Now, those evenings will serve as practice for the groom's cake. Fondant, artistic decorations, etc. I'm so excited!!

The wedding favors are a little more tricky. You see - I only make cookies one time per year, & I rarely make sugar cookies. & I rarely decorate any of my cookies with icing. It'll be good practice (which I've already started). The best part? My boyfriend has offered his HUGE kitchen as my baking playground. My kitchen has one 16"x20" counter where I can work. His has .... maybe 5 times that.

So, here goes nothing (now with elbow room).