How doctors should be.

First, let me say - I dislike going to the doctor. I normally walk in the office, wait with a bunch of sick people, see the doctor for 10 minutes, get his/her advice, & then get a prescription for whatever s/he thinks is the problem (which may not be the actual problem).


Now, I've luckily found a doctor that A) I like & B) is excellent. Here's how it goes down:

1. I walk into the office, talk to the receptionist, & pay my deductible.
2. I am given a pee cup, which I take care of.
3. I wait for 5 minutes in the waiting room.
4. The phlebotomist calls me, & I take care of filling a few vials of blood samples.
5. I wait in the waiting room again.
6. I get interviewed by the nurse, who takes my blood pressure, weight, & temperature.
7. I wait for a little longer.
8. I finally see the doctor, who has all the results of my bloodwork & urine. She knows what's wrong & we figure out a plan of attack.

Wouldn't you prefer the doctor's office to work that way?


Training may start again in April. I'm hoping for the first or second week. Woohoo!!



I've been sick - as you know. It seems that the infection is finally gone (*crosses-fingers*), but time will tell. I've felt better since day 2 of the 2nd round of antibiotics.

My plan is to start running in 2 weeks or so. I've got to ensure that my infection is gone for good. It sucks having an internal organ be sick.

Since I can't run/bike/swim, I've been cooking & spending a lot of time with the new boyfriend, who thinks my foodstuffs walk on water. (I've decided to keep him.) This weekend, I made a trial burger recipe that will be entered into a cookoff when I finish it, tacos, & a meatloaf. I had plans for a strawberry rhubarb "something", but I ran out of time.

The good doctor says that I lost 6 pounds during the month of sickness. As you can see from above, I'm trying to regain that 6 pounds in a weekend of eating.

The boyfriend is also worried about his impending weight gain due to my voracious cooking & baking habits. (He's also decided to keep me.) As my number 1 taste tester, the boyfriend says that we need a plan to keep him from gaining weight from all my quality kitchen time. My answer was "running." His answer was "no."

Well, a girl can dream, can't she?


Yer out.

What a bummer.

I've been decommissioned from the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. Apparently, my strep infection never went away - even though I was antibiotics for 10 days. This time, I'm to refill the antibiotics if I continue feeling icky.

No running. Therefore, no racing.

It's time for this infection to go. SERIOUSLY!!


Homemade popcorn.

My apologies for the lack of postings. I've been sick. AGAIN. With a fever. AGAIN. I thought fevers were so 1980s?

This weekend, I only had a chance to run about 1.8 miles until I had no energy, wondered what was going on, & then ... BOOM! sick!

Just before I got sick this last time (AGAIN!), I made a really fun flavored popcorn at home. Today, I saw a Chile Lime Tequila Popcorn recipe at 101 Cookbooks, & it reminded me to post this.

Smoky Sweet Popcorn

small dash of chipolte chili pepper
a few good shakes of smoked paprika
about 3 teaspoons (or more) of sea salt
a good drizzle of honey
1/2 cup of unpopped popcorn
enough oil to coat the bottom of a good pot
(& every good pot needs a lid)

So, I don't have a microwave. I do this the stove top way - which is to throw the oil into a big pot (with a good lid) & turn stove up to high/medium high. Drop 3 kernels of unpopped popcorn into the pot & close pot with lid.

When all 3 have popped, the pot is ready! Throw the popcorn into the pot & close with the lid. Lower heat. Shake back & forth periodically until popping has stopped/mostly stopped. Kill the heat. Throw in the seasonings (except the honey & remember - you can always add more but you can't add LESS), put the lid on the pot, & shake to cover all the popcorn.

Taste. Add more whatevs if you need. The popcorn should be smoky flavored & a little spicy. Drizzle with honey to complete the flavor & enjoy!!


See? I told you I could do low-cal. :)