150 calories down. 800 up.

Just because I ran a whopping 20 minutes does not mean that I should've indulged in a small calzone, coke, & antipasti from Petes-A Pizza.

That is all.

What is this new feeling?

I went for my first run since I traveled to London. My newfangled training schedule says that training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler starts in two weeks. Two weeks!

While waiting for an email response from a coworker in a different timezone, I decided to hit the gym downstairs for a short 20-minute treadmill (yuck) run. Forgot my flying pig socks upstairs & gave myself a very long shallow blister on my right non-existent arch. Nice.

I had to muster some internal fortitude to finish the 20 minutes. Some of my bad habits came back - but many good habits came back. I quieted my negative inner voice, I pushed until my time limit was completed, I stretched, I watched my form.

Now, I feel great. Only twenty minutes showed me how much I missed running.

I should write a thank you card to Huxie for pushing me to sign up for the 10 miler. (which consisted of "are you doing it?" "i don't know. are you doing it?" "yeah" "........ okay, i'm signed up.")

So. Yay! Running!

& Coach said I could continue swimming with the team as long as I want. So, I may still be hanging with the team on occasion.

So. Yay! Swimming with friends!


Goodbye, team koolaid!

After careful consideration, I've decided to quit the triathlon team. The cost-benefit ratio isn't inspiring me to continue. Plus, it erased any spare time that I had. Presently I am only running & swimming (in theory). Since I run on my own, paying the team & swim fees seems a bit overkill to my wallet.

I know what you're thinking... "She's quitting. She's allowing herself to gracefully slide off the wagon when no one is looking."

To you, I say, "Ha-Ha! Ho-Ho! This cannot be true - for I have just signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. Also, I have created a training schedule that starts this week & brings me strong & healthy to the start line on April 5th."

Now, I can incorporate other hobbies into my life that I enjoy - like cooking, baking, & doing random things that strike my fancy - like going to a culinary school, going to movies, dating, trapeze class, Bikram yoga, pole dancing, etc. etc. etc. Plus, I can join the DC Masters Swim Team, which meets daily for an hour & a half.

Of course, I'll miss some of my teammates (& still plan on seeing them away from practices), but really - I don't need to pay a third party to see my friends if they are truly friends.

& if anyone ever wants to bike for fun, let me know. My calendar is considerably more free now.


Recipes: Chicken Noodle Soup.

Dude. I am eating the best chicken soup that I have ever tasted. The best part? I made it from scratch. Since I care, I've written the recipe below. Follow exactly or it just won't be right!

Roast Chicken & Chicken Noodle Soup

1 roasting chicken (unroasted)
2 onions
5 cloves of garlic
1 pack of smoky peppercorn turkey spice rub (or Sea salt, pink peppercorns, smoked pepper, dried parsley, paprika - or smoked paprika)
a pack of celery
4-5 carrots
fresh rosemary, thyme, & sage (or poultry blend fresh herbs)
olive oil
penne noodles
1 large pot
1 medium to large size roasting pan
1 television with DVD player

Preheat oven to 350. Get your chicken out of the refrigerator. Don't remove the plastic just yet! You cut your potatoes & one onion into quarters & peel your garlic. Cut 2-3 of your carrots into sticks. (Once a fan of baby carrots, I abhor them now as they're wet & processed & taste funny. Go big!) Toss with a drizzle of olive oil. Place into the sides of the roasting pan. Doesn't that look great?

Now that the chicken is more room temperature, prep the counter top to accommodate a large pile of dripping salmonella. Take 3 small bowls & place... I don't know... maybe 4 tablespoons of salt into one bowl & 1/8 cup of olive oil into another & the spice rub into the third.

Here comes the fun part. Take out the gizzard & neck. Provide these tasty treats to your furry companions. (Yummmmmm... & completely safe as long as they're uncooked.) Smear your olive oil on the skin of the chicken. Rub it down with salt & then the spice rub. The olive oil & salt mixture help seal in the juices - what friend Mike once dubbed a "comically juicy chicken".

Place chicken in roasting pan & throw it in the oven until the thermometer reads "no more salmonella" when placed into the deepest part of the thigh. Mine says that temperature is 165. (I've seen other temperatures for this too.)

Hours pass. Go ahead & make your real dinner, clean, watch the Food Network, pet the cats, sit on couch & feel sick, & check on the chicken. Then, chicken's done!

Remove the parts of the chicken that you like to eat & place with potatoes, onion, garlic, & carrots into container & place in fridge.

NOW! We're ready for chicken soup!!!

Throw carcass, poultry blend (or 2 sprigs rosemary, 1 sprig sage, & 3 sprigs thyme), any carrot tops, celery hearts, & enough water to cover all into pot.

Bring to boil, then let simmer. Watch Pride & Prejudice - I MEAN some amazingly rockin action/scifi flick!! - on the television.

Strain soup. Remove pieces of chicken from carcass & throw into broth. Cut the remainder of the carrots & a helluva lot of celery (aids in decongestion) into pot. Throw in noodles. Taste. Add salt if needed. Return to pot & boil until noodles & vegetables are barely al dente. "Barely" because I hate brothy soups. The noodles will soak up more broth if they're left sitting in the soup overnight.

& tomorrow, you yum. :)