Away from Tri Team: Master Baker Edition.

Thursday, my friend Clara notified me of a little dilemma of hers. The husband of the baker for her friend's baby shower had accidentally burned their kitchen down. Therefore, Clara needed someone to bake the baby shower cake. We chatted for a bit, & I decided to go ahead & try. It would be my first paid baking gig.

I thought of making a tier cake - after all, those are "like" classical cakes only on top of each other. Easy peasy. The only drawback was that there would be only 6 ladies in attendance at this baby shower. Hrmmm... a tier cake is a little overboard.

Clara & I chatted some more, & we decided that creative was what they wanted. So, I perused the internet for ideas & found a little onesie cake. It didn't seem too complicated - a little carving, a little manipulation, & a whole lot of decorating. All of these I didn't think were that difficult, but in which I have very little experience.

(Have you thought to yourself "uh-oh" yet? You should've.)

Thursday, I had to work late & spend some time with Bryan & Mark (his coworker) who were visiting from out of town. Friday, I picked Bryan up from the Dulles Alamo car rental. After sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours on the way out, we hit the grocery store, the Italian Store, & Starbucks for all necessary ingredients. Then, we returned back to Dupont to find parking near my apartment.

Time passes.

I get into my apartment around 930p & start assembling The Most Delicious Chocolate Cake that I've Ever Made™. I realize that we have forgotten wax paper, & we head to the nearby Safeway Townhouse (i.e. The Most Outrageously Priced Food Market in the City Next to Dupont Market™), which has just closed at 10p. We hustle to the Rite-Aid where we obtain the goods.

The cake is then assembled & poured into the now properly prepared pan. Oven 350, then down to 300. During this downtime, I make rice krispy blocks & a ducky for detail. Also, I make a rice krispy pie for the Columbia triathlon. Cake comes out, & both Bryan & I are beat. We decide to rise early & finish the cake.

I make the top of the cake flat & create the onesie through my handy knife skills. Then, I fixed what I thought my handy knife skills were doing fabulous (but not so much). I start frosting the cake which turned into a light purple & not a bright blue as suspected. It doesn't want to become smooth. So, I chill the cake with the crumb coat on it. After breakfast, I frost again & try to smooth it out.

Officially, I hate this cake now.

Bryan leaves to meet Josh & Toby. I smooth, smooth, smooth out the frosting. I decide to give up & start decorating. I pipe bright blue details over the onesie to give details.

Officially, I hate this cake. again & more so.

I decide to not put stripes on the onesie as I hate piping. Officially. I write the word "GIRL?" on the onesie. I use my little candied stars & make details. It looks better.

Officially, I hate this cake. Only less now.

I give up on the onesie & start eying the rice krispy blocks. I cut them to make them more blockish & start on the details. Eventually, I give up & throw some stars on them & call it done. The ducky, however, I love.

Repeat: Love the duck.

I call Clara & say that I'm done. She arranges to have her husband pick up the cake (HURRAY!). I'm relieved that I don't have to do anything more with this damn cake.

Here's what the damn cake looks like.

& the whole shindig. With ducky. Love the duck.

Now that that's done, I can finally go for my long run for today. *phew*!


Clara said...

It was a delicious cake and everyone loved it, including the guest of honor! I'm available as a reference! If anyone wants to know why it says "Girl?" on the onesie, it's because tne guest of honor's 1st child was suppose to be a girl and it ended up being a boy (what do doctors know?!) She has been told this one will be a boy, so it may be a girl.

Keri said...

Hurray! I'm so glad. :) Thanks for the opportunity & the reference.