Swimming finally.

It's 930am, & I've been up for 5 hours already. Let me show you my lion pose: *big-yawn*

Getting up at 430am for swimming? It's tough on a gal who sleeps until 730am every day. (Doesn't that seem like sleeping in now?!)

I would have opted to go to the **new** evening swim today, but someone owed me a cheque for the Mooseman house rental. & I get paid only on the last Friday of the month. Since I haven't gotten paid in 4 weeks & fronted the Mooseman house rental at the beginning of the month, I needed the cheque.

So, I got my lazy butt out of bed & swam this morning.

In the 4 months of my break, I dropped two lanes down. I'm not terribly upset about it. The "elite" swimmers had taken over my lane, & I was having trouble hanging with them. When I dropped down a lane, Coach talked with me about my level of exertion. We decided that I should drop another lane.

After I settled into my new lane, I had a great swim. I had trouble doing my Zone 4 & Zone 5a swims at the end, but I think I'll bounce back quickly.

I've officially started all 3 sports now - & I've added strength training daily to the mix.

It may be time to increase the food budget by 200$.


False start.

Last night, I vowed that I would attend swim practice this morning at 530am. Into a gym bag went my work clothes, my shower items, my plethora of swim caps, my goggles, & all other various important items. I shaved & checked my swimsuit for liner degradation.

Then, I proceeded to not fall asleep until post-1230am. At 420am, I awoke prior to my alarm sounding. I took it as a good sign & didn't grumble. I launched out of bed, went to the bathroom, & then the too-tired headache came.

Hrmmm... I decided to sleep until 445am when the alarm would officially raise me from my slumber. Post-445am, I still couldn't manage it. I was dragging too much. Going to swim practice on less than 4 hours of sleep is a recipe for falling asleep at my desk at 11am.

If I wasn't under pressure on my present project, I would chance it. However, I can't right now. So, I skipped swim practice even though I shouldn't/didn't want to.

There is light at the end of the tunnel/week - The team now has two evening swims near my apartment, & there is one more morning swim on Thursday. I have 3 more chances to complete my required 2 swim workouts.

I can't let myself slip on the training that PT doesn't impact. I have to swim at least twice this week.


Light the fire.

Given that I am now on Track 2 of the 70.3 program, I decided to test my physical therapy allotted exercises. My rationalization was this: If I always play it safe, how will I know what my new limits are? I don't want to injure myself again, but I need to test the boundaries gently.

With my PT schedule, I had cycled up to 30 minutes on the trainer without issue. Would I be able to complete an hour of cycling on the trainer with little/no resistance?

With my PT schedule, I had ran/walked up to 30 minutes without issue. Would I be able to jog 3 miles?

I decided to test the bike first. It was already cluttering my living room & causing the "broken window" effect. Mail, my backpack, boxes, etc. are strew about everywhere. If I do the bike first, I can clean up the living room afterwards. Good idea.

During my hour of cycling, I periodically checked myself for any flare-ups. I didn't experience any old pains (quad, back, knee). I thought to myself, "If I'm not having any pain, I should try to complete the bare minimum mileage for this week's recovery workout."

20 miles? No problem. I followed the bike with some stretching. Due to the glute strength training, I could definitely feel my glutes working on the bike. Everything seems to be working right.

Today, I'll be testing the 3 mile run. I'm overcompensating my injury by turning my right foot inwards & angling my body awkwardly. If I keep body-aware, I should be able to correct myself.

So far, this is good.

Bumpy & leaning sidewalks made it difficult for me to correct myself during my ~3 mile jog. Therefore, I can feel the irritation in my quad & hip again.


More stretching. More icing. I'll work through this. It's not as bad as it could be.


Before you know it, you're back in the game.

Coach sent out an email yesterday in which he stated that he's upgrading us to the next track of our programs. Since I was injured & not training, I thought, "Hell, I'll just stick with Track 1 of the 70.3 program. It's easier, & I can slowly get back to training still."

I decided to check it with Coach - just in case. His answer? Basically, his answer was that I can't stick with Track 1 & expect to complete Mooseman.

Also, I'm officially back in training because I can't wait any longer. I will definitely be taking my Physical Therapist's advice by jogging slowly & cycling inside, but I will be doing my swim workouts & my non-PT strength training.

Damn. & I thought I could swing another week or two of laziness.


Mooseman maps & elevation

Procrastinating my work (yes, I'm working Saturday night - *grumble*), I meandered over to the Mooseman Half-IronMan site to see what's new. What's new is that they've added course maps with elevation.

Initially, I looked at the biking portion & thought, "This ain't so bad. Just two short hill climbs at miles 10 &.... wait... There's more to this graphic. Let me scroll to the ri---OH MY GOD."

Suddenly, I'm concerned & feel the need to stick with my strength training.
& not skip any workouts.
& get back into training as soon as possible.

Oh, physical therapy - do your magic & make me stronger & less prone to injury. I'm going to need it.

Mooseman Half-IronMan website
Triathlon course maps
Biking course elevation
Running course elevation

Physical Therapy update

This week, Jen told me that I can start jogging & cycling lightly. Unclear on the concept, I asked her to clarify. She defined:

Jogging lightly - [jog-ging] jog, jog·ging [lahyt-lee]:
Running slowly for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of walking. Repeat until a 30-minute duration has been reached. Stretch afterwards.

Cycling lightly -
[sahy-kling] cycle, cycled [lahyt-lee]:
A strictly inside bicycling event where a Cannondale Synapse is placed on a Blackburn fluid trainer that has very little resistance set. There are no opportunities for hill climbing or any enticement for increasing speed/distance.

Taking Jen's advice yesterday, I exercised my freedom to exercise in 5-5 minute increments. ;)
It was great! The run cemented in my mind that I want to complete all long/tedious distances in the Galloway method. Thirty minutes is not a long run, but taking walk breaks was hugely enjoyable.

(For those of you who don't know, the Galloway method is a run/walk way of completing longer distances of running. The ratio of running to walking is dependent upon the overall length of the run & the experience of the runner. The Galloway method is named for Olympian Jeff Galloway who created the method.)

Considering that I hate running, this might be a way to ensure that I can make it through the run portion of my half-IronMan.


You've Got Great Game.

While I was a little disappointed in the Patriots loss at the SuperBowl, I thought the game was great. We were all on the edge of our seats until the end. During the game, I noticed something - or rather someone - amazing.

Wes Welker.

It's not how easy on the eyes he is, how muscular he is, or how tight his end is. It wasn't even how short he is compared to the other players.

No. No. No.

It was how fast he was. How he changed his positioning, his direction, his pace so quickly. He was incredible on the field. Almost always open. Always ready. Faking out the opponent. His would-be tacklers fumbling over themselves attempting to catch him after he changed direction on them.


He obviously trains & trains well. Most importantly, he clearly does his strength training as well as his speed work. He's strong, & he's faster because he's strong.

Wes Welker, you've inspired me to be more of a bad-ass. You've inspired me to consistently do my strength training.

& that is quite a feat.