If you can't beat 'em...

My physical therapist estimated that I will be healed enough to continue my training in approximately 2 weeks. Until that time, I will be SAGing for my team. (SAG stands for Support And Gear.) It's not as fun as training, but it is needed & a good way to stay with the team while injured.

Two more weeks!!


Wait. Isn't that the wrong word?

Today, I had my first consultation with a physical therapist. After being poked, rubbed, stretched, & prodded, the PT gal thought that my ITBS must be considerably less irritated than how I described it. After all, I had no pain or irritation when she hit the "magic pain button" that indicates the patient has ITBS. She left to get a few exercises for me to complete. Then, she decided to test one more thing. I laid on my back. She pushed my leg down while I hung off the table.

Bulls-eye. Pain, tightness. Spanning where I had indicated that I was in pain.

I don't have IT Band Syndrome. No, no, no. I have irritated my rectus femoris.

The rectus femoris spans from the hip to the knee & aids in hip flexion, which is crucial to cycling. Just before I injured myself, I was focusing on my cycling technique. Add a few thousand repetitions of "pull up on the pedals, don't push down" without having strong "big" muscles & *BAM* pain.

The PT gal gave me a list of 4 stretches & 3 strengthening exercises to complete over the next few weeks. One of the more interesting stretches involves me lying on a table & someone helping me. Of all 4 stretches, that one works the best.

After two weeks of PT, I'm going to do a bike fit at their office. Hopefully, I won't have any more issues after stretching, strengthening, & the bike fitting. I am not allowed to run or bike yet, but soon.... oh, soon.



After seeing a primary care physician (who was an absolute waste of time & money) & an orthopaedic doctor (who was amazing), I finally know what the hell is wrong with my leg.

I actually made the orthopaedic doctor say "wow" when he watched me balance on one leg. When Dr. Sumida had me get into certain positions, my hip hurt to the extreme.

*drum-roll* Go figure - It's my hip.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I have IT band syndrome coupled with a very, very, very weak hip. I've recently learned that having weak hips can cause IT band syndrome. Slacking on my strength training now seems like such a foolish idea. It may not have prevented my injury completely, but it may have lessened its chokehold on my tri training.

Now, I have two prescribed stretches from the doctor & a prescription for 3 months of physical therapy. I was also informed that I could continue with my training during PT.

I'm back. Hurray!!