Off-season: Ouch edition.

That nagging irritation near my knee has become a full-fledged pain that extends from my foot to my hip. Sadly, this means that the only thing that's running lately are my pantyhose.

I've quit the tri team for time being. I can't attend any of the practices except for Happy Hour. Beyond my RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), I've been taking Hammer Nutrition's Tissue Rejuvenator. It's working wonders. On Monday, I was walking with pain. On Friday, I can barely feel the irritation. I had heard very good things, but this is absolutely incredible. I hope to be back in the game slowly in January & full-fledged in February.

We'll see.

With all this new free time, I've been exploring culinary delights in cookie form. Be warned - If I know where you live, you shall be inundated with cookies soon. Lock your doors if you're trying to lose weight.