Off-season: Foothill run & Switchback mountain edition

For my Thanksgiving holiday, I meandered over to Boise to visit my sister & her family. Since arriving two days ago, I have ran up the Rocky Mountain foothills & cycled up an actual mountain.

Yesterday, my 5.4 mile run averaged 13 minute miles. Without the serious incline of the foothills, I averaged 10.5 minute miles. Those foothills? They easily kicked up my heartrate to my zone 5a & decelerated me to at least 16 minute miles.

Today, I biked 20-something miles on a rented road bike. Up. A. Mountain. 2600 feet in less than 11 miles. Check the elevation map.

The ascent took us 1.25 hours - mostly due to my novice mountain climbing. We descended the switchback mountain path in 21 minutes, & I only pedaled about 10 minutes of this.

I took pictures. Click for larger. :)

Photo op! 4000 ft elevation

Where I decided I had enough - just after 4000 ft elevation stop. FYI: Don't stop while on miles of incline. Your legs won't want to continue.

The view from the top.

After the bike ride, we returned home, picked up my sister & the kids, & biked (yet again) for 7 miles to get pizza & beer. Heaven.

If you want to know more stats about the switchback mountain trek, please click here.