Race "report"

I have to finish an article for Tri-DC this weekend. So, I don't have time to write a lengthy & informative play-by-play race report.

Let me just say this:
1. Cramping during a race stinks. What's worse is when those cramps are only plagued by the female gender. No salt tablets or Gu can alleviate those.

2. I had wanted to cut my time from last year, but I thought it was funny that I got (almost exactly) the same time.

3. I didn't feel as burnt out after the race as I did last year. Two days after the race, I feel like I could jump back without any grumbling. This means more to me than my race time. Also, I felt as though I raced within my limits & didn't over exceed them (like last year).

4. I got 2nd place in the Athena category! My trophy is coming in the mail.

& here are some pictures:

Check out that hot bike!

Me on the run. I'm really grabbing a cup of water - not just looking like I'm sort of running/dancing.

*Phew* that was tiring.

Hurray! We did it!! The kids chalk-marked the finish line.


General Smallwood

You're reading the blog of the 2nd place Athena of the 2007 General Smallwood Sprint Triathlon.

Hot damn.


It's the little things that count.

Today turned into such an amazing day.

1. I discovered that I dropped two (count 'em 1-2) wetsuit sizes.
2. I have a shiny new robot that does my dishes for me.
3. My cats are happy.
4. I spoke with Rod about upcoming job possibilities over lunch.
5. I received alternate directions from Brian on how to get to the tri this weekend. Less stressful driving is the way to go!
6. I received free homemade lemonade.
7. I got a parking spot close to my apartment - good for lugging triathlon & camping gear downstairs for this weekend.

Did I mention that the triathlon is this weekend? Hurray!!

I feel awake, alive, & happy.


Driven to tri?

Friend JC said, "Your blog name is a good one. Isn't it something like 'tri to run'?"

No, but given that JC has seen me run - "Try to Run" is pretty accurate. :)


Whose got spirit?

Holy cow, the Annapolis triathlon started early this morning!

Swimming - my favorite. Go, ladies!!

Whose got spirit?! We do, we do!! We even sang a rousing version of Happy Birthday to Talia who celebrated her 21st by completing the Annapolis International Triathlon.

Jenny's dog. He's got a little separation anxiety. :)


Swim practice (part 101)

It's never easy to rise at 430am for swim practice. Yet every time that I do, it's worth it.

Today, we raced during practice. We were counted off one through 9 until there were no more swimmers. We went to our respective new lanes, & then coach yelled "Group 1! GO!!" & Group 1 took off as fast as they could.

Man, oh, man. I was shocked with how much adrenaline I had pumping & how fast I went. (Though, I know that I flailed a lot in the beginning.)

I love swimming.


Side note: I should attend the other speed workouts weekly as well. It would be worth it. If only I could get out of work on time....


Keep it like a secret.

There's something highly enjoyable about the breakfasts after swim practice. It's almost like a secret part of the day. No one is really awake, no one has been awake for a while.

Yet I've been awake for a few hours already. Now, it's time to make a hearty meal on the stove. This is a million times better than the typical hurried breakfast of the workday. It's almost like a magical meal - it's that good.


Heeding the advice on... um, HEED.

I tried Hammer Nutrition's HEED today. Honestly, I preferred the unflavored version to the lemon-lime. "Unflavored" felt more like water because it tasted like water. Therefore, it was easy to swallow/chug/slurp down on today's bike ride.

I think I've found my new favorite fluid replacement.

I drafted today. It was almost effortless to keep near 20-25 mph. When I lost the draft line, I had to work extremely hard to get it back. I know that I pushed myself to 27/28 mph just after I broke the draft line.

That's a helluva bike ride.