Free pool.

Hot damn! Sarah forwarded me a list of pools in the District.

Free for residents!!

The only problem is that the one by me has limited hours. It's still better than missing swim practice week after week because I can't drive out to Falls Church at 5am (for whatever the reason du jour is - couldn't sleep, have to be at work early, etc).



My sister has just canceled her east coast tour. Bummer. Now, I have to wait until November to see her.

However, this has led me to have an upcoming weekend completely off. My team has a 1 & 2 mile open water swim race that weekend. Shall I or shall I not?

I think I shall not. I haven't been swimming enough lately. Plus, I don't think I could hit the cut-off time without wearing a wet suit.


Speaking of which, I am going to purchase a wet suit within the next month. It's too much of a hassle to make sure that I rent one that A) fits & B) is in stock. Plus, the driving out to BFE to get it & drop it off is a hassle. I have become a city snob - I know it.

(If I leave the city for you, consider yourself blessed & loved. Team Z, I'm looking at you.)

Sleeved or sleeveless? Well, price is driving this one. Can I afford to spend the extra 75-100 to get the sleeved? The answer to that lies in the answer to this question: can I cut down my food costs this month by 75-100?


In stream of consciously yours,


Weekend adventures

I had a great training weekend. I plumb forgot to mention it.

On Saturday, I biked with Manuela. She's an excellent biking partner. We're just about the same speed, & the conversation is always great. I always like to hear about Germany & the great Hamburg bike race. The ride itself was a very hilly 36 mile ride. Very, very hilly.

On Sunday, I ran with Sarah. It was an easy 3.5 miles - easy because of the pace & the discussions. Then, we walked for another one mile. Good times, & good stories.

I didn't train at all during the week due to work. The stress has really gotten to me. (I can't wait for my coworker to return from vacation.)

This weekend's plans? More biking with the team on Sunday - mostly flat near 50 mile ride. More running with Sarah on Saturday - mostly flat 7 miles(?).

That's all I've got, folks.


Tri-DC acknowledgement.

Friend John went to PRR this week & saw the Tri-DC magazine there. He mentioned that I wrote the last article in the mag. The guy at the counter said, "Oh? You know Keri? She's a really nice girl."

It was sooo cool to hear that.


Now with drama!!

I had to stop. I had to use the bathroom. So, I slowed my running to a walk as I approached a busy intersection. I noticed a man looking at me as he walked towards me.

I slightly altered course to avoid him. His look seemed .... too interested & not in a good way.

I altered course a little again to avoid (again). He was obviously following me as he was now trying to match my pace across the street. If only I didn't have to use the bathroom so badly, I'd pick up the pace.

Then, he started crossing the street. I took off my headphones to pay closer attention. He crossed perfectly to stop me in my tracks (if I hadn't altered my pace when I saw him cross). He asked me for a dollar. I said no, & then I started crossing the street myself. He said, "Maybe tomorrow?" I said maybe & kept walking.

He tried to cross the street again to intersect me. At this point, I'm freaked out. There is no one on this street. I'm about 1 block from my place. I started jogging slowly even though I have to use the bathroom badly.

As he approached, I said "Go away." He yelled, "C'ME HERE!" & I sprinted home. I glanced back around 1/2 of the block to see if he was running with me. He wasn't, but I was sure that he had taken a few faster steps. It sure sounded like other feet clopping behind me.

I thought of running to my building's rear entrance, but it seemed to risky to enter an alley right then.

Now, I might've been over-reacting, but 1) I was running alone, 2) I'm a woman, 3) I'm the daughter of a hyper reactive police officer, & 4) it's better to be safe than sorry.

Not my scariest encounter ever, but I'm definitely not going out running again tonight.


In other news, the sprint kicked my heart rate from zone 1 to zone 4 in a block. ;)


Back in the saddle again.

I love my team.

That's all I have to say. :)



I was sick last week. Therefore, I didn't train. I couldn't eat this week. Therefore, I didn't eat much.

What's wrong with me? I have no idea.

I missed the Culpeper sprint. I didn't even spectate. At 5am this morning, I was hesitant to be far from where I had control over what foods & what quantities of water that I could consume. I downed a little bit of a protein bar & some water. Then, I waited for my stomach to clench. It did. So, I decided to stay home & pander to myself... again.

A big part of me feels like a slacker. A pansy. A wuss. A baby.

I know it's good to take some time off, but I don't want to anymore. I want to go out & run & bike & swim (& eat copious amounts of food). I miss training. I miss my team.

I know I have to get better first. Step by step. Today, I ate almost a real breakfast after getting up at 9am.

It's a start.