I failed to register for Lake Placid's Ironman in the Community Fund program. Since all the regular slots were taken in record time, I figured that I'd sign up for the fundraiser category.

Nein. No available slots.

All 950 Lake Placid slots gone. Oh, well.

It looks like I'm going to be a 70.3'r next season. & that's okay. I'll volunteer next year at Placid.


To 140.6 or to 70.3?

Reading all the Ironman race reports of my teammates, I'm so excited & happy for them. It's an amazing accomplishment to become an Ironman. They did so well & are so happy at having completed their goal.

Next year, I plan on becoming a half-Ironman. However, I am extremely tempted to sign up for an Ironman.

The only reason why I wouldn't is because of the time requirement - If I Ironman, then I don't have time for anything else (or rather very little else). 9 hour bikes on Sundays? 4 hour runs on Saturdays? 2 hours or more each day per week (save Fridays, glorious Fridays) of training?

& Yet... & yet... It would be grand to be an Ironman.

Decisions. Decisions.

Culpeper Decision.

I decided that I'm not going to race Culpeper. I am, however, going to check in & get my "free" schwag. It'll be my first DNF. & that's okay.


In other news, received my De Soto tri shorts in the mail today.

I got both the Rapida & the Forza shorts. The Rapida padding seems a little wide for my front. The Forzas stitching looks a little weird - only because my eyes aren't used to it. BUT! You can't see the tri shorts padding on them.

Both pair are by far the most comfortable tri shorts that I have ever worn. No elastic around the thighs!! Super comfy. We'll see how both react during real training.

If only I wasn't sick today, I'd run/bike/swim in them now.


Weekend warrior

I did very well this weekend with my training. Although I went out dancing on Friday night & had some alcohol, I was awake, alert, & running at 8am-ish with the Team.

7 miles later, we finished. Boy, I was glad that I ate an Accelerade gel. (Keri - now sponosored by Accelerade. yeah, i wish!)

Then, I ate a hearty & healthy breakfast & took a nap as scheduled. Yay! More good food. More good water. This is great!

Then, I went to my last End of Season party & drank too much. Ouch. Not so good. Later at Hangover Central, I couldn't pull myself out on my bike to do my easy 36 miler.

:( I had to take the day to recover. Thankfully, the new HP book just came out. Nothing like hanging out at home, drinking some electrolyte water, & reading a good book.

On the scheduling bright side, I don't have any more obligations for Sundays. No more stressful kickball games. No more drinking. Definitely no more shots.

Sundays - welcome back to real life.



Yesterday, I wore my sports bra under a typical button-down work dress shirt. Whenever I thought of it, I felt much akin to Superman - ready to yank off the shirt as soon as someone mentioned running or biking to reveal my Nike swish logo.

Ridiculous, I know - but it's what got me through one of the most dreary days at the office.


I ran my longest distance on Saturday: 6 miles. Average pace? 12:30min/mile. Fastest pace? 8min/mile. Considering that I walked for 0.5 miles at the end & did a little walking periodically to keep in Zone 2, I was booking it for most of the time.

Longest distances so far:
50.6 miles - Bike
6 miles - Run
?? just <2 miles - Swim


In other news, I have a favorite running t-shirt. You know those cheap "I <3 NY" t-shirts? Well, DC has those. I ripped the sleeves off my $3 "I <3 DC" t-shirt & voila! Enter favorite running t-shirt.

If only I could find this in a biking jersey:


I can't wait to start training for the marathon. For the first time in my life, a marathon seems feasible.


Pre-Culpeper thoughts.

I'm not ready for the Culpeper sprint. I don't know if I'll make it. This isn't me being negative. This is realistic. I haven't swam regularly in months. My running is okay as is my biking.

I'm not sure if I'll be racing. Perhaps I'll just use it as a training day? Sort of a play day for triathletes?

Also, I might be swapping my running & biking on the weekdays to be able to run with Amanda. She's super cool, & it would be better to run with a friend as opposed to alone. Plus, she's training for the half marathon. :) I support her half marathon ambitions. She's too fast & her mileage is too much for me!!

I get to pick up my nutrition book tomorrow - Sports Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete. Yay.

Also, Kat recommended The Mood Cure regarding how food impacts your moods. I'm gonna check that one out too. I get wicked grumpy when I train heavily. That needs to stop in the long-term training program.

I'm really excited about these life changes to incorporate the long-term tri training. Good stuff - adequate sleep, good eats, great people, excellent exercise... good stuff. It'll be better this time around.



The article.

The magazine cover:

& on the coveted last page of the magazine:


Changing my form ended up completely blowing my rhythm on my run. Go figure. I can't seem to stay in Zone 2 anymore. I'm doing sub-9 minute miles, but I'm breaching Zone 3 & 4.

Ugh. Need to increase cadence but slow down speed. This is tricky.


Published & more.

It's official. I'm a published author. Article to be placed online in near future either here or it will be linked to the magazine's website. (Family - I have your copies.)

Want a teaser? The article's title is "I used to wear heels." :)

I have another article in progress that will be published in the winter issue. I haven't thought of a clever title for that one, but the content is going to be about the post-race/winter blahs - how to get going when the going is blah.

(Maybe that's the article's title? hrmmm...)


In other news, my running style was critiqued on Saturday. Overall, I have good form:

Body slightly angled forward? Check.
Mid-section of feet & front of feet strike? Check.
No heel striking? Check.
Tempo? Need to work up to 180bpm.
Stride? Need to shorten & have feet be under body when striking.
Ab strength? Needs loads of work.

I put the tempo/cadence/turnover item into play on tonight's run. I ended up doing 10 minute miles. WOW! However, I pulled myself out of my heart rate zone 2.

When I realized that I blew my heart rate zone & had only 3 minutes left in the workout, I tried sprinting at the end.

DAMN!! I'm way faster than I used to be!! I'm no 6min/mile, but I went sub-9 minute miles. Plus, I felt strong. Very strong.

Boy, am I glad to be back in training.