Hell, yeah.

I've been having difficulty fitting my training around my long hours at work. Likewise, I've been having a hard time fitting my (training) sleep schedule into my life. How can I fit in 2 workouts/day into a day where I have to work 10-12 hours at my place of employment?

I think this crazy schedule will do it: Wake at 430am. Eat a little, little breakfast. Wait the required hour. Train. Stretch. Eat a real breakfast. Nap & shower. Go to work.

That's what I did today. At the end of the day, I'm refreshed. I'm invigorated. I'm feeling very accomplished.

& horror upon horrors - I do believe I just became a morning workout person. Plus, there's a chill in the air today - our Summer Solstice. Yikes. Does that mean....

HEY! Don't blame the chill in the air on me!! It'll take more than that to freeze hell over.



I'm going through a difficult time being motivated to continue my training. Honestly, it's been almost 2 months since training was my first priority. Every day that I don't train, I feel fat & lazy. Ever subsequent day? Fatter & lazier.

Every week, I vow that I will return stronger than ever to my triathlon training. I won't miss any more workouts. I will do my strength training.

Every week, I hit one or two workouts in lieu of the ten scheduled. Every week, I forgo my strength training.

Mike, I think, said it best. "You've proven that you're hardcore. Now, you just have to prove that you can sustain."

That's the kicker, isn't it? How long do I want to continue this? When will I officially quit? Will I ever? Why do I continue training?

I want to sustain. The desire is there. Despite the long hours at work & the late nights with friends, I want to keep training. I have to find that balance that helps me sustain.

I really do love it. Early in the morning, I have to remember that...
"Wake up. Do something you love before you go to work."

After a long day at the office, I have to remember that...
"Get out & unwind on the road. You'll feel better afterwards."

Finding the balance is going to be worth the effort. I promise myself that. It's just not going to be easy.


What fuels you?

Last night, I successfully stayed in zone 2 during my run. First time!!!

However, I was under the influence of 3 beers & 5 wings.

Does that mean that I am a better runner if I'm tipsy?


Kayaks, open water swim, & running - oh, my!

I received a thank you note from my Secret Pal for my volunteering efforts on Saturday. Receiving a handwritten note that says "Thank you" really made my day.

So what did I do that prompted an anonymous person to give me such an item?

I watched a group of people swim between 1.5 & 2.5 miles in open water. While I never had to actually rescue someone, I kept on the look-out for people who were struggling, waving for help, or otherwise needed assistance. More than anything, I just sat in a kayak by myself, listened to the walkie-talkie, & tried to sun my pale legs. Someone snapped a photo of me where I looked like I was bored stiff (I'm sure).

It was still an amazing experience, regardless of lack of excitement.

Then, I swam a mile or so in the open water as well. According to the course map, I swam 0.83 of a mile. According to my known times in open water? I swam a mile or a little more. I was going to jump out of the bay after 1/2 mile due to my arms being sore from kayaking, but fellow triathlete Monica told me that I could do it. & I believed her & continued.

After the swim, I changed & ran 47 minutes. Then, I sat & ate barbecue. Mmmmmm.... The next day, I biked for an hour on my crappy 50lb. steel mountain bike. Is there any wonder why I needed a massage yesterday?

Weekly report.

Not much to report, sadly.

Monday: Painted for 3 hours.

Thursday: Ran for 29:55, 339 kcal, 2.14 mi, stayed mostly in zone 2, but had to walk periodically to drop heart rate. Need to find proper speed to keep in zone 2. Need to program in my heart rate zones for exercises. Twas very hot outside. Learned that HEED is nasty tasting stuff.

Saturday: Kayaked to support team during swim; swam 0.83 miles (thought I did more). Finished course-listed 1/2 mile of swim in 25 minutes. That's not right... Ran 47 minutes after.

Sunday: Did 1 hour of biking on 50lb. steel mountain bike. I will never, ever be terrible to my Cannondale again. That was torturous.